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Peer Leader Training Application Form


Please fill out the following form to apply for the Peer Leader Training program. If you would prefer to print out your form and return it by mail, you can download the form and mail it to: Vintage/BCBH, 401 N. Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206.


Peer Leader Training Application Form (60 KB).



Referral Source
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What is your current age?
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What is your gender?
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What is your race?
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White or Caucasian Asian or Asian-American
Black or African-American Other
Do you have a chronic condition?
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How would you get to the workshops?

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Take the bus    
Are you willing to facilitate the workshop in areas other than your own neighborhood or township?
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If yes, please check all the areas you are interested in.

City only North suburbs
Mon valley East suburbs
South suburbs West suburbs
Are you prepared to facilitate a workshop within 3-6 months of your training?
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Are you comfortable with the idea of public speaking or facilitating groups?
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Are you willing to follow a structured and set curriculum in order to ensure that the program is followed in the correct way?

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Do you consider yourself to be someone who practices healthy behaviors in your own life?
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Have you taken the Better Choices, Better Health workshop as a participant?

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Briefly describe why you would like to become a Peer Leader:
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